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CT4500 Computerized Torque Control System

The CT 4500 Computerized Torque Turn System has the smallest footprint of any true torque turn system available to the public. As with most of ConTech's Torque Control Systems, it can be used in the makeup of casing, tubing, drill pipe, downhole motors and accessories, etc. It can be installed on virtually any hydraulic, pneumatic, or manual tong in the field, as well as bucking units in plant applications.

The CT 4500 Computerized Torque Turn System is set up, programmed and operated by the tong or bucking unit operator and mounts directly on the tong and therefore does not require a separate technician. As an option, the CT 4500 Computerized Torque Turn System can also be mounted on the driller’s console, or any location on the rig floor. The unit features real-time graphics and can generate a hard copy report either while running the job, or after job completion. Like all of our products, this unit was designed, programmed and manufactured in house.

Torque Turn Comparison

Texas Drilling Tools LLC an Authorized Distributor for Connection Technology LLC (ConTech).

CT 4500 Computerized Torque System Technical Specifications:

  • 110/220 Volt Switchable
  • Battery Powered (Optional)
  • Display-Torque Digital in Real Time
  • Display - Graphic in Real Time
  • Electronic Dump Valve
  • 35 Millisecond Dump Valve Response
  • Electronic Load Cell
  • Optional Hydraulic Load Cell & Pressure Transducer
  • PC Compatible
  • Printing on-Site
  • Real Time Clock
  • Report - Hard Copy
  • Data Storage Accomplished by Solid State Memory
  • Data Transferable to PC compatible for display and storage
  • Maximum Torque Input Value is 65,000 (ft/lbs.)
  • Memory Storage capacity (in joints) in standard configuration is 1,000
Programs Available "Standard Package"
  • Torque/Turn
  • Torque/Time
  • Custom Programs Available
Program Features "Standard Package"
  • Joint Re-Call (Instant)
  • Menu Driven Programs
  • Sampling Frequency is 1,450 Data Points/Sec. in Standard Configuration
  • Self Check Reliability Program
  • Serial Printer
  • 1/3500 Turn Resolution

Service: Contech offers to licensed customers worldwide, 24 hour-a-day/7 day-a-week hardware and software support.